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Eenadu Digital

UX improvements yield +105% page views and +25% in audience engagement

How Eenadu, a Telugu publisher in India, redesigned their website and optimized for mobile to increase audience engagement by +25%.
Website screenshot of Eenadu
Website screenshot of Eenadu

The challenge is a leading Telugu digital news portal. In a recent study published by the Ministry of External affairs, Government of India, it was seen that the growth in data usage in rural areas was more than that of urban areas, owing to the COVID-19 lockdown. Rural consumption now accounts for roughly 45% of overall mobile data usage and urban usage makes up 55%, compared with a 40:60 ratio before the Covid-19 outbreak. In spite of 30-35% growth in data consumption driven by increasing mobile internet penetration, Eenadu did not see a corresponding growth of users and they identified User Experience as the key obstacle.

Eendau Headshot - Shri Venkat
The partnership with Google News Initiative helped Eenadu to revamp the website, which has led to significant YoY growth, both from a page view and audience perspective.
Sri I Venkat
Director, Eenadu Digital
  • 140% increase in audience (new users)
  • 105% increase in pageviews
  • 25% increase in engagement (measured as increase in page-per-session and reduction in bounce rate)

The results

In 2022 by partnering with Google, Eenadu seized the opportunity to increase audience reach and engagement by improving ease of access and content discoverability on mobile devices.

To make sure users using different resolutions and screen sizes could access their digital experience, Eenadu released a more updated mobile experience for greater accessibility. decided to redesign their website and optimize it for mobile devices. They worked with a team of developers to create a new website with a responsive design that was more user-friendly and easier to navigate on mobile devices.

The team used a variety of tools and technologies to create the new website, including designing templates using HTML5, CSS3, responsive design for mobile, and JQuery plugins such as lazy load images for better content presentation and viewability. saw a 105% increase in page views and a 25% increase in audience engagement

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