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Bạn không biết chắc nên bắt đầu từ đâu? Hãy làm một bài kiểm tra ngắn để nhận các nội dung đề xuất phù hợp với bạn. boosts registrations with refined SSO strategy

Find out how iNews has accelerated registration uptakes through collecting more first-party data via a reworked Single Sign-On (SSO) strategy.

The situation

iNews joined the inaugural edition of the Digital Revenue Launchpad (DRL) in Southeast Asia. DRL is a program launched by the Google News Initiative in partnership with FT Strategies, to equip publishers with the expertise to enhance their digital revenue strategies.

The specific challenge iNews faced was solving the problem of acquiring first party data. Gathering first-party data is important for iNews as the organization looks to understand more about its readers and provide them with content that better suits their needs and reading habits. Particularly as the depreciation of third-party cookies impacts online publications, it is vital for news media organizations to gain more data directly from their readers. iNews has not been able to gather first-party data from their growing user base, as registrations on the website have seen limited uptake. is the online news offering of free-to-air television channel iNews. It publishes daily news across Indonesia, supported with a vast network of reporters across the country. It is part of MNC Media Group, one of Asia’s largest media companies.

iNews zen teguh triwibowo
“In these past few months, the sessions have been a journey of learning, collaboration and intense discussion. Overall, it has been a fun, enjoyable and fruitful learning process for us. The results of the experiments will help us map out our strategy to reach our goals going forward.”
Zen Teguh
Editor in Chief,

Action plan

The iNews team developed an experiment with FT Strategies to test new ways of gaining more registrations, which enabled them to gather audience data and refine their content strategy to improve audience engagement.

During the DRL program, the iNews team launched a promotion push that led to over 180 new registrations in a two-week period. This move was based on the hypothesis that stronger marketing of the ease of registration, via the website’s integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, would draw more users to use the system. The 180 additional sign-ups validated the hypothesis and indicated a potential for iNews to further experiment with how they communicate the value of registrations to users, including through varying the frequency and language used in communications.

In the nine months since the program, the functionality has enabled close to 4000 additional sign-ups. Because of this, the iNews team plans to explore other ways to gather registrations for the MNC portfolio and intend to develop bespoke tactics to encourage registrations to its various brands and portals. An example of one such tactic includes the creation of a new online community, “iNews Flash”, where student readers can sign up to receive training from iNews’ editorial team about best practices with photography. Registered readers are also now sent regular newsletters with content recommendations from both and the wider MNC Media Group portfolio, including SINDOnews and Okezone.

  • 3975 total registrations to via SSO gained nine months after launch
  • ~200 additional user registrations in a two-week period during the program
  • 5 additional promotional tactics rolled out to further boost SSO uptake, including pop-ups and targeted promotions for university students
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