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The DNI Fund has awarded more than €115m to 559 projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

Innovation Stories

Battling Misinformation

Trend Recognition for The Listening Center: Breaking the filter bubble

The Listening Center’s Trend Recognition Module developed social listening tools that allow journalists to identify breaking stories before they go viral.

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Boosting Digital Revenues

REMP by Dennik N: Creating sustainable models for independent journalism

REMP is an open source toolkit for subscription that helps journalists determine which content their audiences are prepared to pay for and to manage loyal readers relationship

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Telling Local Stories

The Bureau Local: Helping local news have more impact

Bureau Local is bringing together journalists and volunteers to amplify local stories at a national level.

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Exploring New Technologies

The Enemy: Using VR to disrupt the news

The Enemy uses VR and AR to make the news a fully interactive experience.

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Italy Adnkronos SpA Unipersonale, Adnkronos Group part of GMC Sapa

News Juice (Round 5)

News Juice will offer journalists a smart and automatic system to break up complex journalistic cases for a number of relevant events. The chronology of events will automatically be transformed into videoclips and enhanced with storytelling techniques - intended for an end-user market. The system will also be used by Adnkronos customers for producing on-demand synthetical reports.

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Italy Good Morning Italia srl

Personalised daily news briefings on virtual assistants (Round 5)

Smart speakers can be used as an interactive bi-directional channel, and not just as a voice-controlled radio. There is huge potential to help news consumers to be more informed in a seamless and smart way. Good Morning Italia plans to develop extensive UX testing to find the best way to extend the use of their daily briefing, and more widely to understand how news organisations could exploit the potential of smart speakers.

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Italy Corriere della Sera (RCS MediaGroup S.p.A.)

Corriere Digital Edition on smartphone (Round 5)

The main goal is to redesign Corriere della Sera Digital Edition in order to reach a younger audience on smartphones. The market is observing a fast decline in tablet usage which has been the core device for the digital edition. This solution introduces innovative ways to enjoy the content and creates an engaging experience beginning with the uniqueness, quality and the accuracy of the Corriere Digital Edition brand.

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Italy Valerio Bassan

Istmo Paywall (Round 5)

There is a paradox with how paywalls currently work: the more a user interacts with a website, the more likely they are to pay for the content they love. On the contrary, less engaged readers remain in a ""fee free"" area, bringing low added value to the publishers' revenue model. While this model can work well for bigger media outlets with high levels of traffic, it doesn't support smaller digital outlets. Istmo Paywall is a tool that tracks how subscribers interact with a website and calculates their ""fidelity score"" in a transparent way. The higher the score at the end of a billing cycle, the lower the fee will be for the user - thus rewarding them for their loyalty. "

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Italy LA SICILIA - Domenico Sanfilippo Editore S.p.A.

ALADIN - Advanced Library for Automatic Discovery of Interrelated News (Round 5)

Readers are overwhelmed by different types of information that pops up all of the time. If you want to look for something in particular, you have to first avoid all the fake news. People often forget to verify the authenticity of what they are reading, especially if you are reading local news about your town or neighbour. ALADIN allow users to understand what journalism really is, putting relevance and context to the authoritativeness of the articles.

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Italy Il Sole 24 ORE (24 ORE Group)

Royalty (Round 5)

Like most media companies dealing with the transition from print to digital, Il Sole 24 ORE are looking to new business models. Technology will not, by itself, encourage a more digital approach to content. So they will pursue an 'AI-first' approach, one that puts the digital reader at the center of the equation for the first time in the organisation's history, offering better access to richer content.

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Italy Sicilian Communication Srl

From words to graphics: ARIA (Round 5)

Today, infographics seem to be the perfect choice for displaying information in a smart, captivating and user-friendly form. Unfortunately, they are time-consuming and expensive to make. ARIA is a way of allowing journalists without design skills to easily create one. The increasing presence of infographics within the articles will entail a significant re-organization of the workflow in the newsroom. The readers’ experience will also be improved.

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Italy Fondazione openpolis

TICI - Tracking Italian Conflict of Interest (Round 5)

The best way to intercept conflicts of interest is by gathering data on the institutions (both private and public) that hold power, something that has not been done before in Italy. A great deal of work is needed, work that is often too time consuming for most newsrooms in Italy that tend to be in economic distress. TICI will tackle this problem by creating an infrastructure capable of offering analysis tools to newsrooms, single journalists, and researchers that are interested in the dynamics of power at all institutional levels and that want to study potential conflicts of interest.

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Italy Radio 24

AI Anchor (Round 5)

Knowing how to mine and manage data is a rare skill in the news world and in designing our ‘virtual anchor’ this project enters that arena. With a twist: this project enters the field of ‘artificial emotions’ more than that of mere artificial intelligence. While it’s certainly possible to imbue a degree of wit in bot generated text, the bandwidth of expression is so much broader using voice and sound.

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