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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Italy SESAAB spa

Personalised content experience (Round 6)

Despite the fact that most people read the news, only a small portion are willing to pay to access content. This has left publishers struggling to identify new revenues to replace that previously generated from traditional print publications. EdB supported by Socialbeat (tech startup focused on AI applications in the media industry) and Accenture wants to leverage raw data collected to personalise the user experience across it’s digital ecosystem to generate additional revenue and uncover new revenue streams (e.g. personalised hyperlocal couponing).

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Italy GEDI News Network S.p.A. (GNN)

Come Together! (Round 6)

Readers’ involvement is the heart of local journalism. But GEDI News readers have to use third party platforms and newsrooms are losing the direct relationship with them. Social platforms provide interactivity tools but not journalism. This project aims to combine the two things. “Come together!” will boost the membership model by increasing logged in users and facilitating the sign up and subscription funnels. Readers will have a new reason to visit our websites: make their voice heard. This platform will strengthen the relationship of trust between titles and readers.

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Italy Ced Digital & Servizi srl

TNTA – Trusted News for Trusted Advertising (Round 6)

The TNTA (Trusted News for Trusted Advertising) platform aims to fight the proliferation of Fake News by acting on what drives them to create: the economic revenue from digital advertising. By assigning a score to editorial web pages, the TNTA platform allows advertisers to avoid having their ADV associated with false or misleading news. Therefore TNTA will be integrated with data providers and Demand Side Platforms, allowing advertising investors to regain control of the media on which they publish the ADV

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Italy Linkiesta.it

LK (Round 6)

Social Networks play a key role in spreading “breaking news”. Nevertheless most sources are not verified, or even worse, news is missed due to algorithms that decide what the user should read. We have identified a new potential role of an aggregator for breaking news that is able to select topics based on it’s true importance and relevance. Breaking news is selected and verified through a curated journalistic editorial board, aggregating them into a bespoke, user friendly app.

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Italy Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A., part of Monrif S.p.A. Group

Local.me (Round 6)

To generate increased engagement with online news users, the goal of Local.me is to create a bridge between “print” and “digital”.

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Italy Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A., part of Monrif S.p.A. Group

AIn - Artificial Intelligence News (Round 4)

Through a deep analysis of existing content, AIn learns the language of individual publishers, so it can produce content using the same lexicon and semantic network. AIn increases publishers’ coverage and reach by distributing as much content as possible across all available channels. By creating low-added-value content from a specific dataset (e.g. weather forecasts), AIn increases content production while allowing journalists to focus on high-value original work. Ain provides its capabilities to publishers in a Software As A Service mode.

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Italy News 3.0 SpA


A collaborative platform empowering online information

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Italy Il Secolo XIX (GEDI Gruppo editoriale)

Journalist Digital Assistant (Round 3)

The main challenge of the initiative is to provide to journalists a complementary simple and intuitive tool based on Artificial Intelligence technology that will increase their productivity, improve the quality and reliability of contents they produce and enable the capability to create reliable and enriched digital content. An increased quality journalism production (struggling also the fakery news phenomenon) we believe is the key differentiator factor to strengthen the newspaper reputation, to increase the user's loyalty and then monetize the digital traffic.

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