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Our Offerings

All of our Google News Initiative offerings, from programs to workshops to tutorials.


Welcome! Google is proud to support the news industry through our programs and free resource library.
Robbie Brown
Head of Programs, Google News Initiative

Develop your audience

Build Audiences

Google’s Analytics tools, Shweta Bhandary

Google Analytics 4, Catherine Bergin

Google Publisher Center, Sarah Tran

News Consumer Insights, Valentin Cornez

Realtime Content Insights, Ian LeRoy

Audience Surveys, Sibel Lowin

Reach Younger and Diverse Audiences, Lyndsey Hayes, Lisie Lillianfeld, Rain Michaels

Increase Traffic

Google’s Search Products, Robbie Brown

Google Search Ads, Alex Stafford-Blythe

Search Console, Daniel Waisberg, Cherry Prommawin

Newsletters, Tina Xiao

Web Notifications, Lola Tiwari

Social Sharing, Eric Rosato

Engage Visitors

YouTube, Shweta Bhandary

Web Videos, Chi Achebe

Core Web Vitals, Orli Ziv

Recirculation, Nathalie Tadena

Building News Apps with Flutter, Zoey Fan

Explore 100+ guides on best practices and Google products

Join workshops with experts from the industry and Google

Apply to Labs to get support from industry experts, peers, and Google

Labs are three- to six-month programs for up to 50 news organizations. We offer the following Labs:

- Fundamentals Lab: rolling application

- Pre-launch Startups Lab: September 21st

- Misinformation Lab: closed

- Audience Lab: closed

- Reader Revenue Lab: closed

- Ad Revenue Lab: closed

Apply now

Fundamentals Lab Session

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