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Have questions about GNI Digital Growth? We’ve got answers

  • Compare your performance across the user funnel against industry benchmarks. Identify tactics you can use to improve your performance.

  • The GNI Digital Growth Program has been designed with industry experts and news publishers across the world to help small and medium sized news organizations grow their digital businesses through a range of free playbooks, interactive exercises, digital workshops and labs. These resources collectively provide frameworks and best practices across business topics such as audience development, reader revenue, advertising revenue, data management, product thinking, and digital startups.

  • The GNI Digital Growth Program is mainly for business professionals (C-level and managers) who are looking for strategic and practical guidance on how to grow their digital businesses. Materials are mostly targeted towards individuals who are early in their digital journey regarding a particular business topic or would like a refresher on the subject.

  • All resources from the program are accessible for free through our website. Our labs require an application process, which can also be accessed through our website.

  • Playbooks are designed to provide a foundation to news organizations looking to transform their digital business on a particular topic. They present practical advice, benchmarks and examples derived from industry experts and real publishers.

  • Interactive exercises are designed to provide a way to customize the frameworks presented in the playbooks to the specific context of a news organization.

  • Workshops and panels are designed to provide a foundation to news organizations looking to transform their digital business relying on practical advice from experts and publishers, relying on lessons covered in our playbooks. Workshops are currently offered in English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and are available through self-registration.

  • Labs are cohort-based engagements where publishers tackle specific business problems with support from Google and industry experts. Participants can expect to receive customized consulting, learn from peers who face similar business problems, and implement specific steps to advance their goals.

  • We currently offer topic-based certificates to individuals who successfully participate and complete our workshop series on a particular topic, or our labs.

  • We strive to offer our resources in as many languages and regions as possible given our operational bandwidth. If you would like to request our resources in additional languages or regions, we would love to hear from you.

  • You can email us at if you have any further questions.