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Reach younger and diverse audiences
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Reach younger and diverse audiences

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Expand to diverse audiences

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Building news for everyone


Expanding into diverse audiences can help you cover more communities, grow revenue, and increase your existing audience’s trust.

At Google, we look at 12 dimensions of diversity, and how those dimensions intersect, giving us a much fuller picture of who our users are.

Google’s 12 dimensions of diversity are:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Ethnicity
  • Socio-economic status
  • Language
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Culture
  • Disability
  • Experience/Seniority

Reach younger audiences with YouTube Shorts


Younger audiences are 35% more likely to say they watch news online instead of reading. People who prefer to watch the news say it’s because they find it easier and more engaging.

YouTube Shorts can be a viable channel to tell your stories in video formats for younger audiences.

Best practices for YouTube Shorts:

  • Use strong visuals, unique audio, or a compelling story hook in the first three seconds
  • Use visuals as the core content, and language as added context
  • Focus on uploading quality videos on a regular schedule, instead of focusing on a high volume of uploads
  • Use traditions like quirky phrases, nicknames, recurring bits, and inside jokes
  • Respond with video replies to comments to extend the life of your content while creating more content
  • Add #shorts to your title to help the YouTube algorithm recommend your Shorts across YouTube
  • Focus on video titles first - for Shorts, descriptions and tags are less important
  • Create videos that highlight long-form videos that can still be standalone content
  • Add in news perspectives to old clips to give viewers a reason to re-watch

Reach audiences who speak other languages


60% of the world can speak more than one language.

Best practices

  • Conduct surveys at grocery stories and community centers
  • Use Google Forms to ask about your audiences’ platforms, needs, and habits
  • Collect email addresses only in newsletter signups, as some communities may not be comfortable sharing their names
  • Use the same language on a page, like in articles, navigation, and ads
  • Use different URLs for translated pages
  • Allow people to change the page’s language
  • Use Google Translate and have translators edit to reduce translation cost
  • Translate headlines only if you’re just starting out
  • Write in present tense and active voice, as it translates more inexpensively

Make your content more readable


Globally, up to 3% of the population has a learning and thinking difference like dyslexia and ADHD.

Readability is how easy it is to understand written text. What you cover, how you format, and how you present information affect its readability.

Best practices

  • Use 14 point font or larger, or use dynamic font sizes
  • Use 1.2 line spacing or larger, or use dynamic spacing
  • Avoid italics if possible
  • Share one idea at a time
  • Add headers to prime your audience for what you’re about to introduce, and allow them to skim quickly
  • Add line breaks to indicate which content is related, and which is separate
  • Use text-to-speech
  • Add image
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