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Learn more about ad blockers


Recover ad revenue lost from ad blockers


What are ad blockers?


Ad blockers are browser extensions that prevent ads from being displayed when they visit your news site.

37% of people use ad blockers.

💡Best practices

  • Inform your audience
  • Ask directly
  • Consider AdBlock as part of your strategy

Explain how ad blockers affect you


50% of people who use ad blockers allow ads on at least one site. Being transparent about how ads support your journalism helps your audience understand why it’s important.

💡Best practices

  • Incorporate your mission, like, “Help shine a light on stories in the dark”
  • Explain how ads support you
  • Show repeat visitors how often they visit with an article counter, like “You’ve read 10 articles this month! Consider supporting us by unblocking ads.”

Ask for permission


54% of people who use ad blockers don't know what the term "allowlist" means.

An “allowlist” refers to the list of websites someone has approved. It's a technical term, which can be useful when talking to people with that expertise, like engineers, but can confuse or alienate your audience.

💡Best practices

  • Ask for permission, rather than describing the action, like, “Allow ads” or “Allow ads?”
  • Avoid jargon like “allowlisting” or “whitelisting”
  • Show your message multiple times

Learn more about how to increase a button’s clickthrough rates.


Consider ad blockers as part of your strategy

Windows and Pop-ups Illustration

48% install ad blockers because of annoying ads.

💡Best practices

  • Remove intrusive ads, like pop-ups
  • Offer an ad-free subscription instead of blocking ads
  • Consider making your ask non-dismissable, which might reduce how many people use AdBlock, but might cause them to leave your site
Windows and Pop-ups Illustration
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