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Labs are the Google News Initiative's most selective, in-depth training programmes, providing expert coaching and technical expertise to small groups of news organisations around the world.

Whether you are founding a new publication or transforming an existing one, our Labs offer deep support from a coach, Google and a community of peers. Learn more below about our different Labs and apply for open Labs.

  • Fundamentals Lab

    In our primary Lab, the Google News Initiative reviews your news site and shares practical, easy-to-follow steps to grow your audience, ad revenue and reader revenue.

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  • Audience Development Lab

    Selected news organisations focus on understanding their audiences more deeply, expanding their reach and discovery and building loyalty.

  • Advertising Revenue Lab

    This Lab focuses on growing advertising and sponsorship revenue by building long-term relationships with advertisers through direct sales, programmatic advertising and other sellable assets.

  • Reader Revenue Lab

    Grow reader revenue to support your journalistic mission by turning loyal audience members into subscribers, donors or members using industry best practices.

  • Pre-Launch Start-Ups Lab

    This Lab supports news entrepreneurs in preparing to launch successful, trusted digital journalism organisations.

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  • Post-Launch Start-Ups Lab

    This programme supports early-stage digital journalism startups in reaching the next level of success – to increase your traffic, revenue and business capabilities.

  • Fighting Misinformation Lab

    Participating news organisations will learn how to strengthen their workflows for identifying misinformation and using digital verification tools to avoid repeating falsehoods.

  • Product Design Sprint Lab

    This Lab helps journalists identify, experiment and test new ideas through design sprints.


To date, 700+ news organisations have participated in our Labs.

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