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Grow digital ad revenue with AdSense
Grow digital ad revenue
Learn more about ad blockers (4:34)
Estimate ad revenue (8:34)
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Grow digital ad revenue with AdSense

Get started with AdSense to earn programmatic ad revenue

Get started with Google AdSense


AdSense gives you access to advertisers’ demand and helps you set up your ad inventory.

AdSense is for you if you:

  • Want to monetise your news site through ads
  • Create original content
  • Don’t sell ads directly
  • Don’t have a sales team

Log in to AdSense.

STEP 1 Create an AdSense account.

STEP 2 Activate your AdSense account.

STEP 3 Get approved. This usually takes a few days, but in some cases, it can take 2–4 weeks.

STEP 4 Start showing ads. Learn how to set up ads.


Get your site approved for AdSense


Avoid these common reasons that delay or prevent AdSense approval.

💡 Best practices:

  • Review the ad code to make sure it’s placed correctly (between the <head> tags)
  • Test your site to see if it loads and can be accessed by anyone
  • Add quality content to each page
  • Remove duplicate content such as news wires, republished content without meaningful additions or content that appears exactly the same on another page
  • Add a site navigation bar

What affects your AdSense revenue?

  • Number of viewable impressions.
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Clicks
  • Cost per click (CPC)

What can I do to increase my AdSense revenue?

This lesson will cover how to:

  • Set up Auto ads
  • Group ads with custom channels, so you can attract more advertisers
  • Keep editorial control over your ads, so only the most relevant ads are shown

Set up Auto ads


Auto ads use Google’s technology to scan your site and automatically place ads where they’re likely to earn more revenue based on your layout, content and existing ads. Auto ads adjust to every screen size, changes you make to your site and your ad settings.

You only need to place one piece of code to get started!

  1. Log in to AdSense
  2. Click Ads > Get code > Copy code snippet
  3. Go to your site’s code editor and paste the code onto any pages where you want Auto ads to appear, between the <head> and </head> tags.
  4. Return to AdSense
  5. Click Ads > Edit
  6. Under Ad settings, turn on Auto ads
  7. Optionally, use Ad formats and Ad load to adjust which ad types and how many ads can display
  8. Click Apply to site > Apply now > Save

Group ads with custom channels


Custom channels let you group ads based on attributes like:

  • Ad sizes
  • Location on a page
  • Topics

Advertisers can use custom channels to choose where their ads show up, known as targetable ad placements. For example, you can create a custom channel for all of your header ads or for video ads on your sports page.

Set up a custom channel

  1. Log in to AdSense.
  2. Select Reports > Settings > Manage custom channels.
  3. Select Add channel
  4. Select an ad type, like Content ads.
  5. Name your channel.
  6. Select the ad units
  7. Select Add.

To see reports, select View report next to your custom channel.

💡 Best practices:

  • Take inventory of your ads, like topic section and location on a page
  • Create custom channels for visible locations, like the homepage or top of the page
  • Give your channel a specific name and description to attract advertisers

Keep editorial control over your ads


Prevent ads that aren’t suitable for your brand from displaying. You can block by:

  • Site
  • General category, like Apparel, Finance or Pharmacy
  • Ad networks, like uncertified Google Ad networks


Log in to your AdSense account.


Select Brand safety.


Select what you want to block, like Content for content ads.


Select Blocking controls.

From here, you can select sites or general categories to block.

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