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Increase traffic with social sharing
Increase site traffic
Increase traffic with Google's search products
Increase traffic with newsletters (5:14)
Increase traffic with web notifications
Increase site traffic with Google Ads (8:11)
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Increase traffic with social sharing

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Tap into social networks to reach new audiences

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Why do readers share news?


Every minute, people send over 40 million messages on social media. Research shows that readers share on social media to:

  • Inform others (94%)
  • Support causes or issues that they care about (84%)
  • Stay connected to people that they may not otherwise stay in touch with (78%)
  • Meet others with shared interests (73%)
  • Feel more involved in the world (69%)
  • Give others a better sense of who they are and what they care about (68%)
  • Potentially change opinions or encourage actions (49%)

Understand your social traffic with News Consumer Insights (NCI)


News Consumer Insights analyses your Google Analytics data to help you get more traffic from social media.


Connect your Google Analytics to News Consumer Insights.


Navigate to Reader engagement and scroll down to Traffic Sources.


Hover over the blue bubbles that say Facebook, Twitter, Other social and Dark traffic* to see the volume and the value of your social traffic.

If you don’t post on social media, or <1% of your traffic comes from social media, a blue bubble will not display.


Click View recommendation to see if you should focus on social media.


Select relevant platforms


28% of audiences use social media to access news online, according to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

💡Best practice:

  • Select no more than five social media platforms that your audience uses
  • Display share buttons in order of what platforms your audience uses
  • Make your share buttons instantly recognisable by using logo colours for each social media platform

See an example here


Place share buttons


Buttons allow readers to take action and make choices with a single tap.

💡Best practices:

  • Make share buttons easy to find in your article's text
  • Group social buttons under one share icon that expands into a menu
  • Measure your share buttons’ performance by tagging them in Google Analytics

See an example here

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