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Building a stronger future for local news


The Google News Initiative offers journalists and publishers of all sizes a range of resources, products, digital expertise and collaborative solutions that spur progress across the news industry. Our partnerships support the advancement of quality journalism and help publishers build stronger and more sustainable business models.

We’re working alongside newsrooms, news startups, researchers and content producers worldwide to build a more sustainable, diverse and innovative news ecosystem – so that everyone, everywhere has access to reliable information.

How we support publisher monetization

Globally, every month people access publisher websites > 24 billion times from Google Search and Google News results.

Every year we pay out billions of dollars directly to the publishing partners in our network globally. In Indonesia >700 publishers have adopted our ads services that enable them to have access and benefit from our global network of advertisers.

>1 billion visits from Google are sent Indonesian news organizations per month in 2022
>700 publishers Indonesia has adopted our ads services

Case Studies

How we support innovation for publishers

We have partnered with organizations to provide technical guidance and training for the news ecosystem. Hundreds of Indonesian news publishers, big and small, national and local, have participated in free workshops, labs and programs designed to support their digital transformation journey.

>100,000 journalists & journalism students trained
>1,000 publishers reached

Case Studies


Wiradesa, a news startup in Yogyakarta, has successfully increased its total unique website visitors by 60% by leveraging the Sekolah Journalism Desa (SJD), an online learning platform that engages youth. With guidance from the Google News Initiative Startup Lab, Wiradesa supports young citizens to become journalists and publish their work. This effort aims to empower rural communities with relevant information, while also creating significant growth in their website usage.


Kumparan is an online media platform that was facing a challenge on sourcing high quality journalism content from regional provinces. To solve this they created a media incubator to empower hyperlocal Indonesian media startups. This created new hyperlocal YouTube channels and improved the quality of locally specific video content that would later be distributed via Kumparan platforms.


iNews is a TV station with multiple channels and part of the MMC Media Network. They leveraged the potential of YouTube to provide training to hundreds of young reporters on how to shoot and edit professional news reports using smartphones. This approach enabled iNews network to reduce their production costs.

Kompas TV

More than 3.5x revenue and 450 million views growth. To streamline their reporting process for the 2019 elections election, Kompas TV invested in training and equipment to adopt a smartphone-first approach. By incorporating these techniques, they were able to cover significant local events in real-time for their audience. This minor adjustment for the future resulted in remarkable outcomes during Q2, 2019.

How we're fighting misinformation

Working with Indonesian partners, we support programs that aim to fight misinformation and increase digital literacy to recognize hoaxes.

IDR 18.7 billion grant to CekFakta to grow the coalition to 300 organizations and support them on fact checking
>IDR 3 billion grant to Katadata to fight Covid-19 misinformation

Products and programs that help to fight misinformation:

Google News Initiative

The Google News Initiative works with publishers and journalists to fight misinformation, share resources and build a diverse and innovative news ecosystem.

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