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Empowering regional journalists, Kumparan uplifts video quality

Kumparan is an Indonesian online media platform. Started in 2017, it publishes editorial news and user-generated content from across the country

The Challenge

Kumparan runs a media startup incubator focused on digital video. The team invited media startups to apply, then selected participants. These participants received training, financial support for operational costs, and video editing app subscriptions, all of which helped them produce high-quality video journalism. Throughout the program, participants were evaluated every three months to see their progress.

The Solution

In this program, participants were trained by YouTube video experts, Kumparan editorial team, and top media figures. The teams were also given the equipment they needed to create high-quality digital videos (e.g., smartphones, video editing software, etc.).

Producing high-quality videos that tell local stories: Prior to the program, the regional publishers mostly produced articles, but Kumparan empowered them to create video content. Upon completion of the project, the teams returned home to put their new skills to use. They coordinated with local government, NGOs, their local communities, etc. to create relevant, localized content for publication both through their own channels and on the Kumparan platform. For example, one very successful channel was, which provides highly localized content for Aceh, the only province in Indonesia with its own laws (Sharia).

Kumparan successfully trained 36 Indonesian media startups in digital video best practices and helped them launch YouTube channels.

Empower regional creators to generate hyperlocal content: Indonesia is a geographically and culturally diverse country, and Kumparan found that different regional creators had different training needs. For example, in areas where internet connection wasn’t strong, Kumparan found that creators weren’t as aware of YouTube best practices around optimization or monetization. So, while Kumparan offered the same training program to all participants in its incubator, it helped teams focus where it was needed, ultimately empowering regional reporters to create high-quality content and sustainable digital video operations. For example, Urban ID TV (the local partner from Palembang) was able to move away from publishing just broad,

hard-hitting news to cover more hyperlocal 'soft’ and evergreen topics, which were popular with its audience.

Learning is a two way street, so listen to your regional partners: Kumparan also found that the teaching went both ways. For example, after the completion of the program, the regional newsroom from Aceh established a very successful model for creating and distributing local content. Kumparan took these findings and helped other regional teams implement similar models, driving greater success for creators across the board.

100% success rate for media incubation program
36 new hyperlocal YouTube channels across Indonesia
We empowered creators with training and equipment so they could produce more locally-specific videos.
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