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Increase traffic with Search Console
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Increase traffic with Search Console

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Increase traffic with Search Console

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See your site’s Search traffic with Google Search Console


Google Search Console helps you…

  • Analyse your site’s performance
  • See if your content is properly crawled and indexed
  • Improve search performance with data

How do I know if my site is appearing in Search?

  1. Go to
  2. Click URL Inspection
  3. Enter the link to your page or site

Check your site to see if you can get to a page from your site navigation


Where does Search traffic come from?

  • Search: Google Search results and the News tab
  • Discover: The Google Search app on Android and iOS, Chrome and the Following tab
  • News: and the Google Search app on Android and iOS

How do I see traffic data for Search, Discover or Google News?

  1. Go to
  2. Under Performance, select Search, Discover or Google News
  3. Get your data by clicking Export in the top right corner

Best practice: Export your Google Search, Google News and Discover data, and compare how sections, formats and topics perform across each source.


Understand how audiences get to your site


Under Search results, Discover or Google News, get insights on:

  • Queries (Search results only): What people searched to get to your site
  • Pages: Which pages get the most clicks and impressions
  • Appearance: How text, image, video or news content performs
  • Countries
  • Devices

💡Best practices

  • In Queries, identify what people come to your site for by looking for queries that include your site name, like 'local sports Example Times'
  • Create a filter for each country to see data for that audience
  • Identify which of your titles and descriptions have the highest click-through rates
  • In Devices, use this data to make formatting decisions, like focusing on your mobile layouts

Understand your traffic based on time ranges


Different time ranges will give you different insights about your traffic. Click the Date button at the top of the page to adjust your time range.

  • Select Most recent date to see trending terms and ongoing stories
  • Select Last three months or shorter to see how bigger news stories perform
  • Select Last six months or longer to see how evergreen content performs
  • Select Last 16 months to understand your traffic on average

Once you understand your traffic patterns, use this data to plan content:

  • Prepare interesting, relevant content ahead for known, regularly occurring events, like holidays
  • Use Google Trends to understand traffic based on different times of year

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