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Data tools for news organizations

We’ve created free news industry tools to help you make data-driven business and editorial decisions.
Optimize your reader engagement funnel
News Consumer Insights
Identify reader funnel optimization opportunities to increase profitability and build deeper relationships with your readers. News Consumer Insights provides key insights and actionable recommendations based on your Google Analytics data to help grow Reader Engagement and Reader Revenue.
Optimize your reader engagement funnel
News Consumer Insights Demo Site
Visualize our actionable recommendations throughout our NCI Demo Site to optimize reader engagement and reader revenue for both your desktop and mobile sites.
Optimize your data collection
News Tagging Guide
Identify what reader behaviors you should be measuring in Google Analytics and easily generate tags for your site to collect better data and unlock new insights.
Optimize your content in realtime
Realtime Content Insights
Identify in realtime which articles and videos are the most popular with your readers and what broader topics are trending in your region. Realtime Content Insights enables engaging data visualization for your newsroom and is available for publishers using all versions of Google Analytics.
Optimize your content performance
Realtime Content Insights Chrome Extension
Make the most of Realtime's Content Insight's key features as you browse your website articles thanks to our RCI Google Chrome Extension
Optimize your content strategy with data-driven recommendations
Editorial Insights Tool
Identify content insights across key audience segments using Google Analytics 360 and Big Query. Understand which content is driving performance based on Recency, Frequency and Visits of users, and engage and grow your reader base over time.

Case Studies

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Kelli Dakake, Valentin Cornez
San Francisco Chronicle improves mobile subscriptions rate by 54% with help from News Consumer Insights.
Complex Networks increases purchases by 300% using News Consumer Insights
TIME improves user engagement by 40% with help from the Google News Initiative
Klix increased engagement through better understanding their readers
Proto Thema expanded audience outreach through new channels
Village Media improves their overall reader engagement
The New Yorker improved their subscription performance
Buzzfeed News launched a contribution model
Business Insider grew their subscription business
Lee Enterprises Tripled Digital Subscriptions
News & Media Group reached new users
Johnston Press drove engagement through newsletter subscriptions
WRAL boosted newsletter signups
Project FUSE and Local Media Consortsium: Helping news publishers leverage first party data
Shreya Dutta, Munish Taneja
Dainik Jagran improved engagement during India’s General Election by Taking advantage of a cultural moment
Gracia Odon, Guilia Böhler, Matt Villacarte
Netzwelt boosts engagement with a site redesign informed by News Consumer Insights
Gracia Odon, Matt Villacarte
Reader Engagement leads to 10x Programmatic Revenue
Valentin Cornez, Don Kevin Hapal
Rappler empowered its news organization with better user data to achieve digital sustainability
Arun Venkataraman, Kelly Campbell
The Washington Post: Combining world-class journalism with the latest technology
Experimenting with VR at the South China Morning Post
Building trust online by partnering with the International Fact Checking Network
A new machine learning app for reporting on hate in America
Impacto.jor: uma coalizão para medir o impacto do jornalismo no Brasil
A seat at the table: Google News Lab & Euronews talk to French voters in 360
Electionland: A deeper look into our first collaborative reporting initiative
Fact Checking the French Election with CrossCheck, A Collaborative Reporting Initiative
What the Guardian Learned From Its Groundbreaking VR Piece
Simon Rogers
Flourish helps journalists create easy data visualizations
Erica Anderson
How journalists can tell compelling stories using VR
Jared Cohen
When computers learn to swear: Using machine learning for better online conversations
Define Your Channel's Voice (ft. Vox)
essen & trinken gets foodies cooking across surfaces using Subscribe with Google
Voice of San Diego identifies new audience, revenue opportunities with virtual events
Jenny Feldhausen, Vesa Lindqvist
Sanoma: Serving Subscriptions With the Help of Technology
Gerrit Rabenstein, Nico Wilfer
F.A.Z.: Paywall Content Selection Using AI
Kevin Flores, Tim Buckley, Juan Marchese, Katie Wilkerson
Making a Case for Programmatic
Fazal Ashfaq, Elena Shloma
Indonesian Publishers Optimize and Monetize Their Websites, Resulting in a 95% Uplift in Digital Revenue
Mike Bal
Winning The Breaking News Battle With AMP and Google News
Grupo Reforma boosts conversion rates by 43% using Subscribe with Google
Clarin, Havas, and Clorox team up to deliver high-impact ads with Programmatic Guaranteed
Google Surveys: Empowering digital journalism with the Trinity Mirror
Lily Sheringham
Android Developer Story: Domain increases installs by 44% with Material Design and Google Play services
Programmatic Guaranteed with custom creatives delivers scale for Vox Media
Unidad Editorial grows mobile CTRs 4x with cross-screen Native Ads on DoubleClick
Android Developer Story: Le Monde increases subscriptions with Google Play Billing
Google Surveys 360: BuzzFeed Case Study
The Economist Boosts its Digital Business with DoubleClick
Aller Media increases viewability with Native Ads on Google Ad Manager
Growing engagement with native ads: The New York Times’ approach
Jonathan Bellack
Improving yield, speed and control with DoubleClick for Publishers First Look and exchange bidding
Postmedia increases direct sales efficiency with Programmatic Guaranteed
G+J doubles programmatic and mobile revenue
Using private marketplaces in Ad Exchange, Condé Nast revenue leaps 800%
The Telegraph Embraces DoubleClick's Programmatic Solutions to Increase Revenue by 126%
iLMeteo forecasts Mobile growth, uses DoubleClick to monetise accordingly
Android Developer Story: The New York Times
Turkish News Brand Milliyet Creates New Revenue Stream with DoubleClick
Buzzing towards victory with native: BuzzFeed on DFP
How Wirtualna Polska uses AI to tackle toxic content on their platform
Jagran New Media increases user engagement with a content planning big data solution
Complex Networks increased the number of shoppers purchasing by 300% on the Complex SHOP using NCI
NZME boosts engagement with a bespoke content recommendation engine
Fazal Ashfaq, Tomohiro Hanazak
How local news publishers engage with digital transformation and build sustainable business models in Japan
Sheena Bhalla, Kanako Yagi, Manami Hagiwara
Sankei Digital enabled data-driven decision making to assess website engagement, user consumption, and pave the path to subscriptions
Kevin Flores, Katie Wilkerson
Driving Returning and Engaged Users with Web Push Notifications
Kevin Flores, Tim Buckley, Juan Marchese, Katie Wilkerson
Amplify Social Traffic with Sharing Icons
Bill Emkow, Sibel Lowin
Lesson from GNI Audience Lab Member Bridge MI on growing loyal readers
Gracia Odon, Matt Villacarte
Promoting Digital Sustainability by Driving User Loyalty and Engagement
RCS MediaGroup reports good news with AMP and PWA
Volkswagen and EL PAÍS increase conversions by 76% with the first end-to-end AMP campaign
KG Media’s AMP optimizations resulted in a 34% uplift in overall mobile web revenue and a 6.3x increase in monthly AMP revenue uses a paired AMP approach for their free articles
Product Innovation with the New York Times
Built by you. Powered by us. Experienced by billions.
Justin Pang
Our holistic approach to partnering with Hearst Newspapers to meet its business needs
Jagran New Media boosts traffic by 115% and revenue by 4.5X by expanding AMP strategy
AMP Camp
Forbes - Redefining Modern Web Development
Hearst integrates key partner and product solutions on AMP
Wired AMP’s its 20+ year archive to meet audiences online
Slate gets efficient with AMP
AMP makes Gizmodo 3x faster on mobile
AMP helps the Washington Post increase returning users from mobile search by 23%
View and analyze your app's ratings and reviews
Android Developer Story: Nabd improves reader engagement with Material Design connects offline and online shopping experiences with Google Play Billing
PRISA Group: Breaking news and driving engagement with better analytics
Forbes: Transforming digital business publishing
The Telegraph: Delivering the future of news today
El Mundo improves user ratings and engagement with Material Design
The Motley Fool increases order page conversion rate by 26% with Optimize 360
Sky: Scaling for success with Sky Q diagnostics
How personalization helped media publisher Astro double its content engagement in Malaysia
Advance Local
Arena Holdings
Asianet News
The Atlantic
BuzzFeed News
CBS News
Channels TV
Eastern Broadcasting Company
The Economist
Europa Press
Eyewitness News
The Financial Times
Fox News
Gaon Connection
Global News
GMA Network
Grupo América
The Guardian
The Guardian Nigeria
The Hill
India Today
Jovem Pan
Kompas TV
La Nación
Le Monde
NBC News
The New York Times
The News Lens
Nexo Jornal
Rogue Rocket
Mat Booth
South China Morning Post
Sure and Share Center (MCOT)
Telefe Noticias
De Telegraaf
TV Asahi
El Universal
Video Volunteers
VTC Digital Content Center
The Washington Post
The Young Turks
Juliana Proserpio, Paulo Armi, Sheena Bhalla
Taiwanese publisher uses bespoke model to boost reader engagement.
Energetic City uses audience insights to grow engagement
Tempo grows reach and revenue using Subscribe with Google