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News Consumer Insights

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Data, analytics, and insights to help publishers build sustainable digital businesses.

Optimize your User Funnel with better insights

We developed News Consumer Insights (NCI) to help publishers make data-driven business decisions that increase profitability and build deeper relationships with their readers. Through our data framework and decision engine designed exclusively for News Publishers, NCI provides key insights and actionable recommendations based on a publisher’s Google Analytics account to help grow Reader Engagement and Reader Revenue.

What’s new in News Consumer Insights

Our Decision Engine to deliver personalized recommendations

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We've built-in a decision engine that will deliver personalized actionable recommendations based on your Google Analytics data so you don't have to spend time analyzing insights.

New insights to grow overall performance

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Our Reader Revenue page provides deep insights to optimize the conversion rates or any Goal you might have in Google Analytics. Our “Video Insights” page will allow you to maximize video content consumption across your site and audience.

New value metrics : Advertising Revenue and Avg. Ad Revenue per User

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If you have Google Analytics 360 connected to Ad Manager, we’ll populate your Advertising Revenue and Avg. Ad Revenue per User (ARPU) throughout the tool to better inform value. If you don’t have Google Analytics 360, you’ll have the option to enter Avg. CPMs/RPMs per device to allow us to show estimated Ad Revenue and estimated Avg. Ad Revenue per User (ARPU).

What People Are Saying

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