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New Zealand business publication increases paid subscribers

End-of-year trial campaign through Subscribe with Google increased individual subscriber base by 25% and increased trial conversion rate by 66%

The challenge

Founded in 2008, BusinessDesk publishes essential, trustworthy and timely New Zealand business and economic news and analysis that is accessible to professional and general readers alike. While still a fairly young brand, BusinessDesk wanted to increase their presence across New Zealand and sought to identify new ways to capture individual subscribers to grow their brand and business.

In partnership with Google, BusinessDesk focused on launching a new end-of-year, discounted trial campaign that utilized Subscribe with Google to help quickly convert readers through a frictionless sign up experience.

The marketing campaign featuring Subscribe with Google allowed us to grow beyond our boldest predictions at a time of year when most people are thinking about the beach rather than business news. The whole editorial team was given a Christmas boost by the subscriber growth.
Matt Martel
Publisher, BusinessDesk
Headshot of Matt Martel
  • 25% increase in overall individual subscribers
  • 66% increase in trial conversion
  • 254% growth in annuals subs for Subscribe with Google compared with previous year

The results

BusinessDesk had not performed an above-the-line sale or used price as a subscription-marketing driver before. Setting the price at $49 for one year or $149 for two years was a big move, with their standard pricing normally $249 a year or $24 a month. However, the team was focused on building long-term recurring revenue growth and therefore sought to encourage annual and multi-year subscriptions.

The campaign was highly successful, especially with the simplicity of the Subscribe with Google functionality, allowing users to subscribe in just 2-clicks, greatly improving conversion percentages.

BusinessDesk surpassed expectations across the number of new individual subscribers and conversion rate.

Moving forward, the team will continue to offer a discounted two-year subscription as part of their standard promotion to continue to encourage long-term reader growth.

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